Welcome to the vineyard community
(CSA-10 Zone 3)


Friday, May 21, 2021 2pm-6pm

Free Bicycle tune-ups and Don and Brenda Nottoli Community Park, Registration required. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Community Bike Ride.  Meet at Don and Brenda Nottoli Community Park at 9am. Registration required.

WHat is CSA-10 Zone 3?

Certain households (indicated on the map) pay an annual assessment fee and are therefore entitled to certain transportation services that are provided by the 50 Corridor Transportation Management Association (TMA). 

is everyone eligible for these services?

No, these services are exclusive to households who pay the fee. If you live in the following housing developments/apartments, you are eligible.

Still not sure? See if you qualify by entering your address below.  You will receive an e-mail to confirm your eligibility. 



You may have seen our Vineyard Vans zip around the neighborhood.  Residents can ride these vans for a discounted fee.

If you are interested in leasing a van, contact us! 


We encourage residents to get out and bike! Do you need help getting started, or do you want to up your bicycling game? We have programs for that. We help residents with access to bikes, education, and maintenance. Make sure to join the facebook group or sign up for the e-mail list to get the latest opportunities. 


Do you regularly travel without your car? We can spot you a ride home up to 6 times per year if you’re caught in a pinch.

1.) Watch this video: Sign Up for SacRegion511 in 30 Seconds.

2.) Create your SacRegion511 account

3.) When you are done creating your account, click this link to join our network

4.) Watch this video: How to redeem your Emergency Ride Home


Need help planning a route? Is there a transportation problem in your neighborhood but don’t know who to talk to? Give me a call or send me an e-mail! You can think of me as your transportation concierge: