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Commuter Connection #34

Pioneer Bridge Re-paving Underway

Caltrans has developed a web site to keep the public informed on the re-paving of Pioneer Bridge - the main connector for Sacramento and Yolo Counties on US 50 across the Sacramento River.  The web site address is

Sections of the bridge will be closed through the summer for nighttime and weekend work.  The daily schedule is Monday through Friday, 7 p.m. - 6 a.m. 

The first of six planned 55-hour weekend closures will begin 7 p.m. Friday and continue through 6 a.m. Monday July 24.


FABA to meet Tuesday

The newly re-organized Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates (FABA) will meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Roundtable Pizza, 1151 Riley Street.  For more information, contact FABA Chair Beverley Newman.


Explore Rancho Cordova - by bike!

Join members of the Bicycle Advocates of Rancho Cordova (BARC) each 2nd Thursday in  August and September for an "Explore Rancho Cordova" bike ride.  These 5-10 mile bike rides will show you how to safely access some of the city's favorite places while getting some exercise and getting to know your neighbors.  The rides start at 6:30 p.m. at Steve's Pizza in Capital Village.  Find out about volunteer opportunities to improve cycling in Rancho Cordova and take home some bicycle swag.  No RSVP necessary - just show up with your bicycle and helmet. Upcoming ride dates:  August 10 and September 14.



Bike Friendly 50
Bike Month News #5

FAQs (and answers) about Bike Month

Why weren't bike helmets required for the Great Scott! Bike and Walk Event?  

Don't get us wrong - we are a big fan of helmets!  But for adults over the age of 18, helmets are not required.  And, since the Great Scott event is really just an open roads event (no registration, no fees, just a guarantee of no cars), we can't impose requirements above what is provided for in the Motor Vehicle Code.  Our enforcement team had their hands full just making sure everyone stayed on the right side of the road and kept to safe speeds.

What aren't t-shirts available to more people, at more activities?

It's a matter of budget and logistics.  We simply can't afford to provide a t-shirt to everyone who participates, nor can we visit all Bike Month activities and provide t-shirts.  This year's special T-shirt Give-Away events worked well, and we will likely continue them next year.  This way, every one who really wants a shirt can make an effort to get one.  We were open on week days, week ends, during the days and on evenings in two separate locations.

Why can't I log miles on my stationary bike?

Sorry!  But you do get points for being fit and loyal to your exercise program!  Bike Month is about showing people how they can substitute some of their automobile trips with bicycle trips. Even those recreational trips are many times "gateway" experiences that lead to an awareness that cycling is a do-able transportation mode.

Why aren't more Bike Month Events planned for evenings?  weekends?  weekdays?  Saturdays? Worksites? Neighborhoods?

We agree and are trying to move in that direction!  This year's activities included noon-time bike rides focusing on work sites and evening bike rides focused on neighborhoods and communities.  Our Pedal Stop Series was held on Sundays, as was the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues Bike Ride.  Saturdays were reserved for bike valet parking in the Folsom's Historic District. BUT, we promise to plan at least one Saturday ride for 2018.

Can't we have Great Scott more than one time a year?

We wish that, too!  But, realistically, once a year is about all we can handle - and preparing for that one day takes about 8 months of planning (yes, we've already started planning for next year.)  The people who use Scott Road and White Rock Road on a daily basis don't share our enthusiasm for more road closures.  And, most of the people who staff the day's event are volunteers.  Our jurisdictions admirably carve out a little funding from their already tight budgets to provide things like port-potties, signage and law enforcement.  Sponsorships help with the website/publicity,  insurance, food truck guarantees, etc.  Above all, we want to keep this a free event that welcomes people of all ages, all skills and all abilities!  For now, once a year is the best we can do!  However, as development occurs and an extensive network of bicycle infrastructure is put in place, the opportunity for cycling South of 50 will increase.

For a recap of Bike Month on the 50 Corridor, visit our VIDEO Web page.


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